Range of Services


From Mediation to Meditation and More…

Madelaine is a licensed practitioner who works by phone, videoconferencing, or in-person with individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations. Her comprehensive yet practical approach is rooted in evolutionary psychology, neuropsychology, sociobiology, positive psychology, psychodynamic theory, systems theory, and Eastern and Western philosophy.

Mediation:  Mediation is assisted negotiation. With your colleagues, your supervisor, your friends, your spouse, your ex-spouse, your significant other, your children, your parents…it’s virtually all negotiation! As a trained mediator, Madelaine can assist with interest based solutions through mediation technique—a voluntary, confidential, collaborative process helping parties to identify issues, generate options, consider alternatives, and develop consensual agreement in a non-adversarial way.

Management:   Drawing on her education and experience as an MBA, management consultant, small business Administrative Director/Treasurer, Chief Organizational Development Officer, and Associate Director of a medical educational resource program, Madelaine is available to conduct needs assessment and implementation for your organization. She can also provide executive consultation with you directly and, for your colleagues and employees, her much appreciated training programs, such as “Organizational Politics: Theory and Practice, Practice, Practice…,” “For Busy People: Managing Your MIND…Strategies for a Happier, Healthier, Productive Life,” and Mastering Civility: Creating the World You Want to Live In.”

Medical:   Madelaine has spent most of her work life in healthcare, and at Harvard Medical School for many years assisting patients and families with end of life decisions and bereavement. As someone with both personal and professional experience with the profound trials and triumphs associated with serious medical illness, she can warmly and wisely walk with you through your own.

Meditation:   All of Madelaine’s work in any modality is fortified by her extensive study of philosophy and the mind. She is a skilled mindfulness meditation trainer, specializing in programs for people who would not necessarily partake of this practice on their own—For Busy People: Managing Your Mind…Strategies for a happier, healthier, productive life. Testimonials suggest more immediate positive impact on her clients’ personal and work lives than she would have herself been willing to promise, an outcome perhaps related to her warm and user-friendly delivery style. Her programs are tailored flexibly to your needs as an individual or organization. She can teach mindfulness as a mindset separate from meditation should you prefer this approach.

And More:   Pick an issue, any issue, food, money, time, sex, health, work, love, loss… We all know that Change is hard so let’s make it easier and call it Choice instead. Look and you will likely find that there is something you want—and something you want more. Suppose you want to be fit and healthy AND you want to have that pepper cheesesteak for breakfast or that hot fudge sundae for dinner just for fun. Count back from your behavior to determine what you want more in any given moment. “Want more” is your choice. “Want more” wins. Good to know. No more, no less than an internal dispute that can be negotiated and resolved with Madelaine’s assist.