“Very powerful….a wonderful, supporting, invigorating experience during a very difficult time in my life.”

“The immediate impact on my life…greatly improved my outlook.”

“Please keep doing this! I think it has made a great impact in my life and could work for others as well.”

“This is like exercising your brain for a marathon.”

“Excellent, excellent opportunity.”

“Challenging…thought provoking.”

“It was great!”

“The delivery of the instructor was very supportive and encouraging. Very positive and comfortable enough to express honest thoughts and feelings.”

“Thanks for making such an immediate and important impact on my work life.”

“We leave the session with set of concrete tools that should help to build a more neutral, objective and peaceful view at times of decision making and throughout the day.”


“This is the only multi-session program we have run during the last five years which had no attrition: every participant who began the program, finished the program. This is indicative of Madelaine’s ability to build rapport and then hold attention with her audience.”
Director, Center for Workplace Learning and Performance

* * * * *

“Your ability to draw people out, to help us each find a way to apply our own insights and experience and to engage in the exercises you led, was truly unique. Thank you so much for making your tremendous skills and leadership available and accessible to us…”
Executive Director, Not-for-profit Legal Association

* * * * *

“Your session provided some really valuable tools for managing stress and bringing focus and clear thinking…”
Director, Sponsored Programs Administration

* * * * *

“Great session! …I really enjoyed and learned from the program.”
Dean, Medical Education