What to Expect


In our work together I will draw on the richness of my life experience, education, and training to help you:

    • Define where you want to go in your own life
    • Design options for strategies to get you there

You may work on one or more parts of your life sequentially or simultaneously. Since You are You wherever you go you may be delighted to find that gains you make in one part of your life can improve other parts too. You will decide which part(s) of life you want to work on. These may include:

Work Play Family Friends Physical
Emotional Spiritual Money Romance Other

There are a variety of approaches available to you – see Range of Services. Together we can figure out which would be most effective for you.

Together we will stay focused on what is important to you. These are your interests. In the language of conflict resolution, we will distinguish your positions from your interests. A position is a strategy designed by you to serve your interests. Since many of our life strategies were designed by the 5 year old we used to be: 1) it is possible you may be overusing a well worn strategy, and 2) it is possible that you have forgotten what interests that strategy was designed to serve in the first place. So we may want to peel the onion just enough to make sure we are really at what is important to you now, and consider the contribution of the no doubt smart 5-year-old you once were as one option among a number of options you will generate with your adult mind. Better toolbox; better life.

Please contact me to discuss fees for any and all services. You may expect that we will schedule sessions at the end of each session for a mutually convenient time going forward, that nonrefundable payments for services will be payable at the time of service, and that 24 hours prior notice is required to change or cancel an appointment without being charged for the session in full. Every effort will be made to reschedule appointments cancelled in a timely manner. You may expect that messages will be checked daily during the week. For any situation requiring immediate assistance it is expected that you will call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room.

From me, you may expect neutrality consistent with my perspective that you are the right person to be in charge of your life. As your consultant, coach, counselor . . . you may expect that I will not judge you nor give you advice, and that whatever you may share during our work together is confidential, within the requirements of the law. Although you are free to discontinue our work at any time, any questions or concerns you may have about our work are considered an important part of our work, and as such are at all times welcome for discussion. And finally, you may expect some measure of warmth and humor, as I am I wherever I go too.

All the best,